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EAPI int enesim_init (void)
 Initialize the Enesim library.
EAPI int enesim_shutdown (void)
 Shut down the Enesim library.
EAPI void enesim_version_get (unsigned int *major, unsigned int *minor, unsigned int *micro)
 Retrieve the Enesim version.

Detailed Description

Main functions.

Function Documentation

EAPI int enesim_init ( void  )

Initialize the Enesim library.

1 or greater on success, 0 on error.

This function must be called before calling any other function of Enesim. It sets up all the Enesim components. It returns 0 on failure, otherwise it returns the number of times it has already been called.

When Enesim is not used anymore, call enesim_shutdown() to shut down the Enesim library.

EAPI int enesim_shutdown ( void  )

Shut down the Enesim library.

0 when Enesim is shut down, 1 or greater otherwise.

This function shuts down the Enesim library. It returns 0 when it has been called the same number of times than enesim_init(). In that case it shuts down all the Enesim components.

Once this function succeeds (that is, 0 is returned), you must not call any of the Enesim functions anymore. You must call enesim_init() again to use the Enesim functions again.

EAPI void enesim_version_get ( unsigned int *  major,
unsigned int *  minor,
unsigned int *  micro 

Retrieve the Enesim version.

[out]majorThe major version number.
[out]minorThe minor version number.
[out]microThe micro version number.

This function returns the Enesim version in major, minor and micro. These buffers can be NULL.

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