Data Fields
Enesim_Path_Command_Definition Union Reference

#include <enesim_path.h>

Data Fields

Enesim_Path_Command_Move_To move_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Line_To line_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Squadratic_To squadratic_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Quadratic_To quadratic_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Scubic_To scubic_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Cubic_To cubic_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Arc_To arc_to
Enesim_Path_Command_Close close

Detailed Description

Union of the possible types of commands

Field Documentation

The move to values

The line to values

The smooth quadratic to values

The quadratic to values

The smooth cubic to values

The cubic to values

The arc to values

The close value

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